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5 Garden Decoration Trends To Watch in 2021
2021-04-23 15:15:55 Home & Garden

The garden becomes an extension of the interior. Earthy and pastel colors as well as natural materials are on the program to create true refuges in which one can escape and regain an ounce of freedom. Discover the 5 trends that will mark the garden in 2021.
1. The garden becomes a real living room
In 2021, the garden becomes more than ever an extension of the interior. And for good reason, the living spaces are multiplying there. In addition to the traditional garden furniture, we see more and more spaces dedicated to different activities: an outdoor kitchen, a relaxation area, a play area for children or a pétanque area for adults… You have it. included, the garden is laid out in the same way as an interior and there is a lot of furniture and decorative accessories that are essential outdoors all year round. This is the case for outdoor rugs, mirrors, sideboards and even storage furniture which are now finding a place of choice on our terraces and balconies.
2. Natural materials are popular
To arrange your garden this year, you can count on natural materials since the trend is a hymn to nature. Wooden floor covering, rattan garden furniture, straw suspension, bamboo lantern, seagrass carpet, terracotta planter… the tone is set! In addition to reflecting a desire to choose sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, the trend is also bringing craftsmanship up to date. Pottery is a good example of this, as are baskets made of vegetable fibers and all the furniture that has been shaped by hand.
3. Warm, sunny colors and pastel tones
Already very present in our interiors, earthy tones such as the color terracotta migrate to our exteriors for the arrival of sunny days. These warm and sunny hues are ideal for creating a cozy cocoon and a refuge in the garden. But above all, they allow you to bring a little escape in these times when it is difficult to travel ...
In addition to terracotta, spice yellow and browns, we also note the strong comeback of pastel tones. Once again, the idea is to bring a little softness, lightness and good humor outdoors. The Fermob brand, a benchmark in exterior design, has even created new pastel shades such as icy mint, frosted lemon, clay gray or even opaline green.
4. Ponds and swimming pools more and more popular
With the periods of confinement that we have known for several months due to the Covid-19 epidemic, the market for swimming pools and outdoor pools is growing. It must be said, if the installation of a swimming pool in the garden is a real investment, it is above all a way to feel on vacation all year round. And for small budgets, pool specialists compete in ingenuity by offering more accessible models such as kit pools or miniature pools. Not to mention the spas which want to be cheaper and cheaper with the proliferation of inflatable models.
5. The effervescence of the Slow garden
After Slow food and Slow life, it's time for the Slow garden! More than a trend, Slow gardening invites you to rethink the practice of gardening. The idea is simple, it consists of taking your time, observing, analyzing and slowing down the pace with the main objective: to live at the rhythm of nature to fully enjoy it. In practice, of course, forget about pesticides and other chemicals harmful to health and the environment and prefer composting fertilizer and natural mulches. Do not mow your lawn systematically, but allow "weeds" and small daisies to develop because they are an essential part of the garden ecosystem.
In addition, slow gardening is also to show common sense in the choice of plants. Choose plants adapted to the climate of your region, plants that do not require water and perennials that require very little maintenance. You understand, the Slow Garden makes a point of restoring the natural balance of the garden so that it can self-regulate between useful and harmful fauna.