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Choose Right Tires for Your Car
2021-04-26 16:58:45 Tires

Which tire for your vehicle?
Before you start looking for your tires, you should define the type of vehicle on which you are going to mount them. It seems obvious, but it is worth remembering. Indeed, it would be silly to spot a model that suits you only to find out too late that it is not suitable for your car ... As a general rule, manufacturers sort tires into several categories:
Passenger vehicle (auto: city cars, sedans, station wagons, coupes)
SUV and 4 × 4
Motorcycle, scooter
Heavy weights
You can also find more specific tires for civil engineering, industrial or agricultural vehicles.
Watch tire dimensions
In order not to end up with a tire that does not match your car, pay attention to the dimensions! They are located on the sidewall of your old car tires and take the following form: 165/60 R15 77 H, or width, height, diameter, load index and speed index.
These indications are essential if you do not want to end up with new tires that are too small or too large. It is possible to find additional information such as reinforced tires (XL) or RunFlat (puncture resistant).
Choose a tire according to your driving style
How do you choose a tire that's right for you? It cannot be repeated enough, the best tires are those that match their driver. It must be chosen according to the needs of the latter. To do this, you must first define what type of driver you are. Are you driving quietly in a minivan? Do you have a lively and sporty drive? Do you often take the motorway? For example, city drivers don't need an all-terrain tire.
There are 3 categories of tires:
Summer tire: It performs well when the temperature exceeds 7 ° C. It has a robust rubber that is resistant to high temperatures.
Winter tire: it is suitable for winter conditions (snow, frost, ice) and very cool temperatures. Its rubber remains flexible despite the cold. It is generally used between the end of October and the end of March. Changing to winter time is a good way to remember the change to winter tires.
All-season tire: it has the performance of a summer tire and a winter tire. It's a good compromise between the two, but he doesn't have great qualities for one season or the other. It is a medium tire which is suitable for moderate climates.