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What Flowers to Offer on Mother's Day?
2021-05-06 10:12:20 Flower Delivery

Do you remember the last time you told your mom you loved her? that you are grateful to her for everything she has taught, transmitted or done for you? On her birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas or maybe modesty never allowed you to tell her? Flowers have this power to express so many words and emotions, so don't miss out. This year tell her I love you with a Mother's Day flower!


Roses, peonies, plants, lilies: the top for Mother's Day
Not always easy when choosing a Mother's Day gift. What flowers? what color ? We'll help you see a little more clearly about the Mother's Day flowers most commonly selected by our customers and also recommended by our florists. You should know first of all that these are just tips, because there are as many flowers as there are moms! The best flower is the one that pleases your mom, that matches her tastes, her style, her personality.
Gifting roses is probably a classic flower choice, but still trendy. Thanks to an incredible choice of colors and varieties, roses are an inexhaustible source of inspiration to surprise your mom. Traditionally our customers select pastel or soft colors such as pink or white when they want to express all their affection for their mother. But if your mom is a dynamic, energetic person, she'll appreciate a bright bouquet of roses that combine yellow, orange, and red. A very beautiful composition of roses stuck in a basket, an elegant container or even a cupcake of roses will also delight mothers in search of originality. To express strong feelings, you will always be in tune by giving roses on Mother's Day.
Peonies are among the most popular flowers for Mother's Day. As it is a seasonal flower available for a short time, from late April to June, peonies are highly prized for their delicate fragrance and incredible beauty. Moreover, peonies are very often confused with roses, but the bud of a peony is bigger and rounder and above all there are no thorns on the stem! With colors ranging from white, pastel pink, fuchsia and red, the color palette is very interesting because it can adapt to all styles of women. Is your mom a real fashion addict following fashion color trends? by opting for a bouquet of pale pink peonies you will have the ideal gift for her. If your mom is more rock and roll, order a bouquet of red peonies.
Does your mom love gardening? You will certainly make him very happy with a plant delivery, an assembly of different plants, green plants or flowering plants. She can keep them indoors on a windowsill or replant them in the ground. Rosebush, azalea, hibiscus, begonia or olive tree are among the favorite plants for Mother's Day. A plant or a plant garden will be perfect even if your mom lives in an apartment with a small balcony. She can enjoy it for a long time while thinking of you. If your mother appreciates modern and designer environments, our expert florists recommend the phalaenopsis orchid. Available in white, purple, blue, nested in a large transparent glass vase or coiled in a zinc pot, the orchid is super elegant and very classy.
Lilies, gerberas and freesias
A classic mix but an absolute must! You will never be disappointed or will never make a mistake in taste with a bouquet or composition including lilies, lysianthus, germinis, gerberas or freesias. These flowers are adorable and perfect for making your mom happy for her party. Highly fragrant lilies will suit an elegant, caring mum. Be careful, however, if your mother is in a retirement home or in a rather small place, as the lily can quickly become heady. A bouquet of gerberas is ideal for a dynamic, toned mother who loves sports or outdoor activities for example. As for the colors, even if the trend is rather pastel, many mothers also appreciate bright colors or, on the contrary, white flowers. Choose seasonal flowers!